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Pop it Infinity is a game that simulates the popular Pop it Fidget Toy game of luck and skill, The game features a number of colorful containers, and inside each container are differently shaped and sized colored bubbles.

The goal of the game is to pop the bubbles quickly and accurately, You can click on the bubbles to pop them, and when a bubble pops, it makes a sound similar to the sound of real bubbles popping, The game becomes more challenging as the number of bubbles increases, and the colors change faster.

The game has several stages and challenges, and your performance in each stage is evaluated by the number of bubbles you popped within a set time, You can also customize the appearance of the game, such as changing the color of the containers or selecting a different background.

If you enjoy simple and entertaining games, you will enjoy playing Pop it Infinity, The game can help improve your focus and motor control skills, in addition to being very entertaining.